Secure Vaults International

Secure Vaults International was founded on the belief that there has to be a better way to house high value items without the concern of banks closing their doors. Our mission has been accomplished and it is our pleasure to share this confidence with you, privately and securely hosting your most valued items. Beginning in the great state of Texas, we have a multi state personnel presence allowing 24/7 access to your property. Veteran owned, service focused, and the utmost attention towards housing your valued items, Secure Vaults International is ready as an entrusted partner for offsite property storage. We provide custodial services to private individuals and businesses, allowing them to safeguard their most valued possessions in a secure state-of-the-art purpose-built vault.


Secure Vaults International adheres to the highest standards in both security and privacy, offering safety deposit box rentals in a variety of sizes and time periods to meet all requirements. With major banks no longer offering a safety deposit box service to their customers, now more than ever companies and individuals need to secure valued possessions safely.


Our facility offers safety deposit boxes in various box sizes to suit all client requirements. The smaller boxes are ideal for the storage of jewelry, cash, valuable coins and computer back-up discs/externals. The mid-range boxes are designed to keep papers, house deeds and other important documents. The larger boxes are ideal for luxury watches and jewelry and to hold larger amounts of valuables, paperwork and even artworks which need to be stored securely. We are also the only safety deposit box facility to offer high security private walk-in vaults for the storage of fine art and valuable furniture.


We are situated in Pearland within heavily secured facilities for whatever private storage is necessary. Our focus will always be to provide a unique and first class service to our clients, ensuring the safety and security of their most valued possessions, documents and jewelry.


Secure Vaults International key personnel includes military, decades long background in purpose built real estate development, private investigations, legal as well as state of the art security, all with a service focus. The SVI team was put together for one purpose – bring best in class facilities by leveraging over 110 collective years in the necessary backgrounds to bring you a highly secure environment to entrust your life’s valuables